Bowties and Headbands

Our Purpose

If you have followed our Facebook page or read this blog, then you know that each of our dogs came to us during difficult times in our lives. They have loved us unconditionally when we needed it most and constantly reminded us to be the best humans we can be for them. They deserve the best care we can provide, but recently, we found out that Kain (bottom right), needs surgery to fix his knee. If left untreated, his knee will suffer long-term damage leading to severe arthritis and pain in the future. We are selling our custom hand-made bowties and headbands to raise money for to pay for Kain’s surgery. Every purchase gets us a little closer to getting him the treatment that he needs so that we can save him the way that he and the other dogs have saved us.


Our Products

These versatile, hand-made bows are great for dogs, other pets, or even people. Get a matching set for unique family pictures, dress up for a special occasion, or choose seasonal patterns for a fun holiday accessory! And for the extra fancy girls out there, pick out a nice floral headband with your chosen patterned band! If you would like to order some of these one-of-a-kind items, carefully read about the ordering process below to ensure that you successfully receive exactly what you order!


Bowties and Headbands are $12 each plus $5 for shipping anywhere within the United States for orders up to nine bowties. Shipping to the UK – $14.50 USD, Australia – $14.75 USD, and Canada $10.50 USD. Larger orders may be subject to additional shipping fees. For bulk orders or international rates not shown, use the contact tab above to request an estimate and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Ordering Process

  1. Browse the fabric choices below. If a pattern catches your eye, hover over or click on the picture for the fabric name and enter it into the order form at the bottom of the page using the dropdown menu.

    Kilo looking radiant in her headband
  2. For flower headbands, choose the “N/A” option in the “Fabric Choice” dropdown menu. Use the “additional comments” box to describe your preferred combination of flowers (e.g. two black, one pink in the middle) as well as the desired band pattern from the choices shown below.
  3. If you want a fabric not shown, submit the order form with your fabric request in the “Additional Comments” box. DO NOT pay yet, and put “N/A” in the “PayPal Transaction ID” box so  we can ensure that we can get what you want before you submit payment. Make sure to include a valid form of contact so we can reach you once we have a chance to look for your desired pattern.
  4. Determine the size required for your pet according to the provided size chart. Keep in mind the bands are elastic so sizing only needs to be approximate. Enter the size into the order form using the dropdown menu.
  5. If you want more than one bowtie or headband, enter the first into the form using the dropdown menus and then type the others in the box labeled “Additional Orders”. Be sure to specify whether matching or different fabric patterns or sizes.
  6. Enter your name, a valid email address or phone number, and your shipping address into the form.
  7. Add up the total cost of your order. Bowties and headbands are $12 each plus $5 shipping to anywhere in the US. Then use this link to pay for your order via PayPal.
  8. Copy your PayPal Transaction ID into the order form as proof of payment.
  9. Add any final comments or requests into the “Additional Comments” box.
  10. Submit the form and you’re done! Your order will be on its way soon!

Customize Your Order

Fabric Choices

Choose one of the fabrics below or request your own! Fabrics marked as “OUT” are no longer available.

Flower Headbands

Choose three flowers in any combination of colors!


Choose a black or patterned elastic band!

(Left, top to bottom) Gold stripe, Zebra, Black, (Right, Top to bottom) Leopard, Gray Leopard

Size Chart

This chart is only meant as a general guideline, and, of course, weight won’t always be the most relevant measure, so use your judgement to determine the required size. Because the band is elastic, the size does not need to be exact, but estimate on the higher side so you don’t receive one that is too tight. If you’re concerned about sizing (e.g. a very tiny dog, especially big head, etc.), choose an estimated size and then include a description of your dog in the “Additional Comments” section and we will use that to determine the necessary size!

Size chart Sheet1

Order Form


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