Morning Routine

The favorite part of my mornings are when my better half is getting ready to leave for work and brings to me in bed the two most important things in life. 1) Pup pups. As they climb in bed with me, he gives me a very detailed report of who has eaten, who’s gone outside,... Continue Reading →



As part of my routine since getting clean almost four years ago, I take a few minutes every morning to read a daily meditation from a book called Just For Today. And just for today, the goal is to focus on whatever was in the reading. It’s funny because more often than not, but especially... Continue Reading →

A Series of Events

An ironic series of events took place. Ever since I got clean and started sharing about my recovery on my personal Facebook, many, many people have told me that I should share my writing more often. I never really took it seriously because, like I said, writing really wasn’t my thing. During a trip to... Continue Reading →

The Beginning

Quite a few people have asked for our story on how we got each dog. Enjoy!Katelyn's story: So this is the not so short, actually very long, sorry not sorry, version of how we came to be a pack. But, y'all asked and it's something that's very near and dear to my heart so I... Continue Reading →

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