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The Perfect Shot

This morning, I asked Jeffrey to vacuum when I was done sweeping. Jack, Sally, Kilo and Lotto were playing outside, so I let them in and took Kain out by himself. He is irrationally scared of the vacuum so I thought it would be good to avoid it. I didn’t have enough hands so left my camera on the shelf by the door, intending to come back and grab it. The sun felt so good that I just sat down with my coffee while Kain did a perimeter scan of the yard. Then he came over to me, started climbing up, forcing me to set my coffee down to help get his butt into my lap.

Immediately I thought, “Ugh, I need my camera because he’s being so cute….Except, first I’d have to pick up the poop piles so you can’t see them in pictures.” His butt was square on my legs, and his front paws right on the arm of the chair so he could see everything. He smelled the fresh air, stuck his nose high into the sky while I rubbed his neck, scratched his ears and massaged his little leggies. Eventually he shifted his hips, put all of his weight on me, leaned hard into me and just sat cheek to cheek. And there we stayed for 30 minutes.

Jeffrey and I had a meeting to attend that I needed to get ready for but I had no idea what time it was. And I didn’t care. We just sat. And looked. And enjoyed each other. Without the coffee. Without the camera or my phone or Facebook, without the distraction. All too often, I’m so busy trying to get the perfect shot, that the moment passes me by. So, ironically enough, Jeffrey snapped a photo from inside. I started to edit the photo to get rid of the poop piles and then thought, “Nope. We pride ourselves on being transparent and this is what life really looks like.” Not everything is set up perfectly for every shot, and sometimes you don’t get all the shots. I’m glad that this morning that I didn’t have the opportunity since it allowed me to be fully immersed


  • I love this family and the dogs.
    I watch you videos every chance I get.
    I’M a dog lover myself and three months ago I loose my fur baby and it was like loosing a child. I still feel he is with me.
    I’M hopping your next child is a boy.
    God bless you and the family, fur babies.

    Josephine Walls
  • I just love Kane. Theres just something about him.could be because I had a furrba y just like Kane. Except it was a female. The best tempered big furr baby I ever had. But she passed away.

    Elizabeth Fountain
  • Beautiful, just beautiful. ❤️🐾

    Jennifer Walker

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