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Spiritual Gifts

Sometimes, keeping up with L O N G bois and the House Hippos page can feel like another full-time job. Whether it’s uploading pics and videos, updating my store to offer new items, creating things like calendars and soon to come – stickers, writing blogs, or just trying to interact with fans, it’s a lot. And to be honest, sometimes, I just wanna quit and have my “life” back. (Let’s be real, I don’t have THAT much of a life outside of them. 🤣)

Last night, I took a meeting into a treatment center about 30 minutes from where we live. I invited a guest speaker so didn’t even share, kinda just ran the meeting and made sure everything went smoothly. At the end, everyone was crowded around the speaker because she did an amazing job sharing her story and giving hope and they wanted what she has. I was picking up the readings and gathering my things when all the sudden, there was a tap on my shoulder and a super quiet voice right behind me saying, “Hi, I just wanted to tell you I follow your dogs on Facebook. When I saw you walk in here, I was shocked. I watch everything you post and I can’t wait to catch up with the dogs when I get out of here. Thank you for what you do.” I gave her my number and I hope she uses it when she gets out.

And that’s all it took to put me back in my place. Everyone has a spiritual gift(s) and the one God gave me is the ability to share our message on a widespread platform. And with the help of some sweet, goofy, unconditional loving pups, show people, whether it be someone stuck in active addiction or someone affected by a loved one’s addiction, that there is a different way to live. That there is hope.

Want some unsolicited advice? Give freely of yourself today. I challenge you to use your spiritual gifts, and if you aren’t sure what that is, or think you have nothing to offer the world – message me and we’ll figure it out together. 💜


  • I love your page and all your videos of the pups! Most of all, you two are so Inspirational to so many and I love the message you give of hope and turning your life around 💜 Since the Firsr video I saw of a Bday pawty I was HOOKED and cannot wait everyday to see what’s going on with you guys 🐕💜, thank you for sharing with all of us :)

    Michelle Harman

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