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Our page does something really cool. Each month it gives me a synopsis of insights about how the page is “performing.” The one stat that continues to amaze me is that consistently we reach over 1.1 million people every month. It doesn’t mean we have 1.1 million followers, but our 40,000 followers continue to share and interact enough with our posts that far more people stumble across us.

It’s crazy because my mind doesn’t go to my personal ego, what I think first is how great a tool social media can be to share a message. Unfortunately, it’s a tool for both bad and good, as they can equally spread like wildfire. But it warms my heart to know that our community is part of the good. We are putting love out into the world and trying not to just take from it.

No one is perfect, as evidenced by the photo below. It takes practice, patience, tolerance and the ability to laugh, especially at ourselves, to get a good family photo. And it takes practice, patience, tolerance and the ability to laugh, especially at ourselves, just to get through life. And just like those photos, our stories aren’t perfect either. Our truths aren’t always pretty. But, the more transparently we’re willing to share our mess, the more fluidly it becomes a message.

Everyone has something. Something they’re going through or something they’ve gone through that shapes and molds who they’ve become. And what I find is that the more positivity I put into me, the more my soul becomes alive. Maybe slowly, like a flickering light at first, but the more I feed it well, the brighter I become. And the brighter I become, the more people that are lost at sea, tumbling around life’s storms, can start to see, in the far off distance, the lighthouse that is hope.

So, by community, I don’t mean just us and the pups, but all of you awesome dog loving families that we’ve had the honor to get to know over the last year. You guys are the reason this is even possible. So thank you. Thank you for continuing to share our posts and leave your (mostly) wonderful comments. I may not have time to respond to them all, but truly, I’d say I read about 99% of them.

Literally millions of tiny, seemingly unimportant events help shape our lives just as much as the few big events. Individually, we are just the tiny, seemingly unimportant events in the world. But together, we’re 1.1 million (and counting) events of positivity flowing through the lives of others. Thank you for being part of the solution – one that is simple. Learning to love a little more, hate a little less, and not just carry hope for yourselves, but to freely share it with others. 💜

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