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His Wife

I know I post a lot about how grateful I am for Puppy Dahd. But it’s because, like the puppies, he is one of those rare-extra special-souls on Earth and I think that literally EVERYONE should know they exist.

Last night we went to a meeting and Jeffrey was getting presented his medallion for 5 years clean. Last minute, the chair person asked Jeffrey to share his story, and of course he said okay. Listening to him share where he came from and where his path has led him, and being part of that story, but hearing it from his perspective is something else. To hear him talk about how God works in his life, and all the things that had to happen just to bring our family together made my heart skip a beat. He did a wonderful job and that’s not coming from a biased place. As we were leaving the meeting, one woman I haven’t seen in some time, and one that I particularly look up to, stopped to congratulate me and asked to see my ring. She told me what a gift it was to get to meet him, share in the miracle of clean time with him, hear his story and then realize during it that he was married to me! Very genuinely and full of love, she said, “You know how I feel about you. You are special. And to know you’re with such a man makes me so happy. He just gets it.”

It’s one thing for people to never have something bad to say about a significant other. But I’ve never met one person that doesn’t just absolutely gush over my husband. Not that he’s perfect, because I’m not living in the illusion that he is. But, he does his best every single day. He’s good, he’s hardworking, he’s always willing to help someone, he’s patient and understanding (thank God), and he loves. He loves his friends. He loves his family. He loves his clients. He even those that don’t always deserve it.

I’ve been in many relationships in which I was embarrassed by things that person did or things he said. It all stems from a place of humility (or a lack there of) because I thought I was better than or that he wasn’t good enough or whatever the case may be. But Jeffrey. I’ve never once had that cringing feeling inside where I don’t want to claim him. I’m not sure if that’s because I learned to love myself in such a way that I don’t need to feel responsible for other people’s actions or if I found someone that truly is good enough. Or maybe it’s a little bit of both. Some growth on my part and some growth on his part in which we both are striving every day to become closer to the man and woman God has intended for us to be. All I know is that every day, he makes me proud to be his wife.


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