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Official Press Release - DOGS & OTHER UNSOLICITED ADVICE Rebrand

Official Press Release

Dogs & Other Unsolicited Advice - L O N G BOIS & the House Hippos name change 

After a lot of consideration, we will be changing the name of our page to more accurately reflect who we are and what we do!

As we've grown and turned more into a page about our whole family instead of just our dogs, I thought it might be better to include our family name in there. People have also mistaken the "unsolicited advice" as we're asking for unsolicited advice so I want to avoid that in the future.

You'll notice soon that the page name will be LONG BOIS & THE HOUSE HIPPOS - The Hoglund Family. Thanks for being part of our journey and continuing to love what we do, love our family, and share that love in your own lives! 🙏🏻