Our page does something really cool. Each month it gives me a synopsis of insights about how the page is "performing." The one stat that continues to amaze me is that consistently we reach over 1.1 million people every month. It doesn't mean we have 1.1 million followers, but our 40,000 followers continue to share... Continue Reading →


Spiritual Gifts

Sometimes, keeping up with L O N G bois and the House Hippos page can feel like another full-time job. Whether it's uploading pics and videos, updating my store to offer new items, creating things like calendars and soon to come - stickers, writing blogs, or just trying to interact with fans, it's a lot.... Continue Reading →

Three to Fifteen

So, I've been begging Jeffrey to write a blog post for months. He finally did and I'm not even in it. 🙄 But, I figure if I share it and you all see how great his perspective is, maybe he'll keep writing and eventually dedicate a whole one to me. 🙃 Life is so surreal... Continue Reading →

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