Treat Yoself

Someone once said, “Treat yoself.” So obviously I had to oblige. 🍦

For real tho, I had to spend a bit of time just waiting in the car today between soccer games for this tournament. This time 5 years ago, I spent all my time waiting in the car for the dope man. Air off and windows down in the middle of ridiculously hot summers because we couldn’t keep the car running since we were probably on E. And if we did have gas, we certainly didn’t want to waste any.

While waiting, we’d ask people for cigarettes and to use their phone to call the dope man that always said he was right around the corner. We would go into McDonald’s to get a water because we couldn’t afford anything else. When we finally got our stuff, we had to roll the windows up and get in the back seat to take advantage of the slightly tinted windows so we could shoot up. People could absolutely still see us, but it didn’t matter. Our reward was 5 minutes of relief until the gut wrenching fear of needing more kicked back in. It feels like a lifetime ago and yesterday all at the same time.

All I can say is thank God my life doesn’t look like that today. I didn’t want to drive home between games, so instead, I went and got a pedicure, got lunch, got an ice cream cone and did some work on my laptop. Only because of God’s grace was I given another chance at this beautiful life I call mine. πŸ’œ


4 thoughts on “Treat Yoself

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  1. I love how incredibly honest you are!! I’m so glad that you were able to see your light to bring you back to have a wonderful life for you and Jeffrey and all the bebes. Your the best Mahma!! Happy Mahma’s Day!!!


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