Our Purpose

When I started this page and attached group last year, my sole intention was to share our dogs with the world. Quickly it became much more than that. People started sharing their dogs, families and stories with us and we became a little community. I handpicked a few people that were most active in participating and asked them to be admins to help me keep the group on track for its intended purpose. We live all over the country and world, actually. But despite the distance, these people have turned into family. We have a group chat in which we talk literally every single day. We know each other’s deepest hurts and brightest dreams. I always joke that my friends live in the internet.

Monday morning started like any other in our group chat, except Tosha was worried about her sister, Emily. Tosha’s other sister woke up to a text from their oldest niece asking for help because “Kat, help us. Mommy’s getting a beating.” When she responded, she was unable to get an answer. Then she received another text asking where Emily was, which meant that Emily had not dropped the kids off at school. Tosha sent her boyfriend over to Emily’s place to check on them and when he pulled into view, all he saw were police cars.

Monday morning, Tosha’s worst nightmare came true. Emily’s husband murdered her and their two year old daughter. The oldest ran to the neighbor’s and the husband/dad got away. All I could think of while this was happening was that I hope he doesn’t get the chance to take the easy way out and kill himself before facing judgment. Thankfully, eventually the police apprehended him. But now, four children have lost a sibling and are left without a mother or a father (though the two oldest still have their dad). Tosha and her parents are now unexpectedly, and probably unpreparedly, the sole providers and caretakers of these sweet children.

I don’t normally post things like this on my dog page. I like to keep everything dog related and when people ask me to share their GoFundMes, I had to make a hard rule of no because if I say yes to one, I must say yes to all. And I cannot keep track of or be responsible for those campaigns. But this one is different. Tosha did not ask me to share this. I felt the need to share this one, and with her blessing, am able to share the story as well.

When Tosha told us that her sister and niece had been murdered, I started crying at my desk at work. I’ve never felt such a feeling of loss and grief for someone I’ve never even met in real life. But when you form a bond with someone, whether it’s over the internet or in real life, that’s something you cannot fake. Though she helps keep our group running smoothly, Tosha is more than just an admin. Tosha is an amazing dog Mahm, sister, girlfriend, daughter, aunt, friend, but more than anything, Tosha is just a good human. While she’s struggling to work through her own loss and grief, she’s stepping up to help take care of these four kids that were so thoughtfully left behind when their dad decided to end two lives. If you can find it in your hearts to help us help the Andersons, with donations or prayers, I feel we will be fulfilling the purpose of our little dog community.


Tosha Anderson 💜


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  1. So sorry that this is another family deeply and irrevocably shattered by violence. Prayers are a start. I just wish there were more ways to help. Donate if you can. Be a shoulder if possible, but mostly pray. Give thanks that Tosha and her parents are able to step up to shelter the remaining children. Pray for them to find the strength and love to heal – for all of them. Amen


  2. I can’t imagine the terror those poor kids endured. I hope justice will prevail and he gets life in prison. God bless Tosha and give her the strength to raise these children. Hugs and prayers to Tosha and the kids.


  3. As I sit here crying and praying for these lil souls and the families that are dealing with this horrific tragedy I feel compelled to help. I am donating on the GoFundMe site. Thank you for sharing this with us all. As you said we are all a community, it takes a village to get us all through the ins and outs of life. We all struggle with our own daily demons and it is so refreshing to be able to communicate with each other. God Bless and much love to all.


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